Yasmin Hussein (b. London 1994) is an artist, educator and curator based in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a BA in both Fine Art and the History of Art & Visual Culture from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has exhibited her work across the Bay Area and in New York and has worked with art institutions such as the deYoung Museum, Southern Exposure and Adobe Books & Arts Cooperative where she was the Gallery Director from 2018-2019.

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Solo Exhibitions


SWEET & LOW | Adobe Books Backroom Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Soft Edges | Sesnon Underground, Santa Cruz, CA


Home is Not a Place I’m From | Eduardo Carrillo Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA


University of California, Santa Cruz 2016

B.A. Studio Art and the History of Art & Visual Culture

Professional Experience

Gallery Director, Adobe Books, Jul 2018 - Dec 2019

Gallery Assistant, Adobe Books, Jul 2016 - Jul 2018

Artist Mentor, Southern Exposure, Oct 2016 - May 2018

Intern, de Young Museum, Mar - Aug 2016

Select Group Exhibitions


Volume 0, New York City, NY

Spring Art Festival, Terra Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Local Love | Online Exhibit with MUSEPOP


Co-op Show | Adobe Books Backroom Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Boxed In | Open Windows Cooperative, San Francisco, CA

What is Free | Incline Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Art Shop | Adobe Books, San Francisco, CA


Artists Choice | SFWA | San Francisco, CA

BE GOOD | Lois Lambert Gallery | Santa Monica, CA

Fragments | Art Research Office | Santa Cruz, CA

No Regards | Hands Down Gallery | San Francisco, CA

Sanctuary | Bridge Gallery | Santa Cruz, CA

Pancakes & Booze | Minna Gallery | San Francisco, CA


Desert Hearts Music Festival | Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, CA

Pancakes & Booze | Minna Gallery | San Francisco, CA

Politicized Minds | Art Bar | Santa Cruz, CA

Artist Statement:

Yasmin Hussein melds kitsch with her woodworking and metal fabrication practices to deconstruct gender norms and address gendered tensions that segregate these fields. She aims to blur the line between ‘craft art’ and ‘high art’ by incorporating everyday materials from craft and hardware stores in her paintings and sculptures. As a gender fluid, mixed race, first-generation immigrant, Yasmin is affected by the many multiplicities of identity and explores such in her work through the juxtaposition of specific materials and processes. She is focused on the inherent gendering of creative processes that has historically separated ‘domestic’ practices from construction, labor and what can be considered ‘high art.’ In using commonplace materials and processes that are relatable and recognizable, she creates abstract work that is easily accessible to audiences spanning all ages, identities and backgrounds. 

Yasmin is influenced by the work of Alberto Burri, Womanhouse, the Pattern and Decoration movement of the 1970s and Dadaism, but also finds inspiration in her career as an Arts Educator for children and youth. Through the use of tactile materials, bright colors and patterns her work evokes a childlike nostalgia that encourages the kind of raw and uninhibited imagination many people can remember from their childhood. Her work is feeling-based, material-driven and process-oriented, often directed by her own struggles with depression, anxiety and trauma. She creates as a means of managing her own mental health while also addressing the importance of mental health to others. She is interested in the assigned associations connected to certain materials and how they can be appropriated to ignite intimate feelings and memories. Her pieces and installations function as portals that transport viewers into their inner worlds where they can feel safe to explore their own feelings.